New LG CEO won’t give up on smartphone market, promises profitability by 2021

LG’s newest smartphone, the LG V50. It appears monotonous below, but… LG You can slap on LG’s “DualScreen” case and include a second screen! LG With two screens, you can have a keyboard on a second screen… LG …or an arcade stick… LG …or a steering wheel. LG The case folds open up or closed. […]

In flashpoint for the rebellion against big tech, Sonos sues Google for patent infringement

Enlarge / The Sonos One SL. In a move that has become the top talking point of CES and a flashpoint for an industry’s pent-up frustrations, smart audio company Sonos has sued Google for infringement of five of its patents, The New York Times reports. The publicly traded, Santa Barbara, California-based audio company sued Google […]